Incredible New Cryptocurrency — Introducing BlancoCoin!

Get in now, folks. This one’s hot and moving fast!

For a limited time… you can buy the newest, rarest, most sought-after cryptocurrency to hit the markets since at least 20 minutes ago.

That’s right.

I’m proud to present, finally, after literally minutes of thought and hard work… BlancoCoin!

There are only four in existence.

Three I’m keeping for myself.

The other one I’m ready to break into 4.2 million equally sized pieces and sell to you.

Now, here’s the thing. There’s no set price.

Yes, all 4.2 million units of the ONE BlancoCoin I’m selling today will go to the highest bidder.

Call now. Or… use our kind-of secure and completely incomprehensible trading platform!

It’s OK if you don’t understand it.

What counts is you show everyone how smart, innovative and outside-the-box you are and just blindly buy BlancoCoin now and bid it up to the sky.

Remember, trying to spend BlancoCoin is pointless. It’s an investment in your future!

It’s a Farce!

Hi, this is the REAL Ray Blanco.

What you just read above is preposterous nonsense. We both know it.

But sadly, that’s how the cryptocurrency story’s playing out right now. It’s a farce.

Lots of good folks are throwing their hard-earned money after cryptocurrencies.

As a tech researcher and writer, I’ve seen this before. Internet stocks. 3-D printing stocks. Virtual reality. Immunotherapy.

You can ride frenzy for huge gains, sure. Huge gains, after all, come from all kinds of ideas.

Just like my readers could (right now) be up 731% on a driverless tech play, 208% on an off-the-radar chipmaker, 218% on a breakthrough pharma company, 296% on a life-extension tech company… I mean, the list goes on.

The thing is… those aren’t “fundraising events,” which is what most of the cryptocurrency market boils down to.

The gains I list above are from real things, products, sales and deliverables.

The cryptocurrency game doesn’t work like that. If it’s new, it’s hot. If it’s complicated, people want it more. Here’s what I mean…

You know what an IPO is, right?

It stands for “initial public offering.”

That’s when companies go public, big banks make tons of money and regular folks get their butts kicked and lose money.

If you like those, you’re going to love ICOs. Those are “initial coin offerings.”

An ICO is essentially the same as an IPO but for cryptocurrencies!

Now you can get you butt handed to you and lose a bunch of money WITHOUT big banks being involved.

Now, here’s the “best part.” You can invest in an ICO without there being a real, live cryptocurrency behind it.

You know who makes all the money in that case? The people behind the ICO, that’s who.

Not you. Want to make real money? Launch your own cryptocurrency.

My point: Cryptocurrencies are a vomit comet of volatility.

Volatility’s fine. It’s your friend if you know how to use it in your favor when you trade.

But volatile markets driven by speculation and a “get rich quick” approach are recipes for disaster.

Please — Keep Your Head as Those Around You Lose Theirs

That’s the thing about hysteria, bloodthirsty speculation and investing mania.

No one listens. No one cares. Chasing the story is all that matters. Shiny objects have a way of doing that to people’s thinking.

Then the bottom falls out, folks get smashed and everyone says, “Next time we’ll be more careful.”

Humans are funny like that. Because we’re NEVER smarter the next time.

My point is, please try to keep your head while all those around you are losing theirs.

If you’re throwing money at ICOs and cryptocurrencies, you’re likely blinded by greed right now.

Case in point — if you had even an inkling of interest in my “BlancoCoin” farce above, you’re EXACTLY the person I want to reach today.

Step back a second, take a deep breath and think clearly before you buy a cryptocurrency.

Do you know what you’re getting into?

Are you prepared to feel the joy and the pain — the excitement and the night-sweat fear — sometimes several times a day?

If not, I recommend you stick to the real tech you can explain on a napkin.

There could be 731% (or more) in gains waiting for you. My readers are living proof.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco
for The Daily Reckoning

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